Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Too lazy to protest? No problem!

First Great Western are quite lucky in a way. They're lucky because, as a person, I'm not really the protesting kind. I'm happy to support someone else who's doing something laudable, but, for myself, I'm happy being one of life's spectators.
Which means that to start a blog like this, I must have been very very angry indeed.
But now, the blog is up and running, the badges are regularly being sent out into the world, and I ask myself, what next? I'm loath to spend my weekends going up to London to wave a placard or shout nasty things about the DfT and First Great Western. And, to be honest, it seems that no matter how much petitioning and protesting goes on, FGW are pretty much oblivious.
But, help is at hand! Billyo, a fellow blogger and regular visitor to the site has drawn my attention to the recent work of the wonderful comedian and political activist Mark Thomas. For a £5.00 fee, Mark and his colleagues will organise a protest at Westminster, wave a placard, shout a few slogans, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. They're doing this to draw attention to new legislation banning protests in the area without express police permission. You can make up any slogan you like, I've obviously chosen "I Hate First Great Western", and you'll receive a photograph of the demo to keep as a momento.
Go to for more information.
I've requested one, and I'd like to appeal to any other visitors to this site to do the same - make up a different slogan if you like, but send me the resulting photographs for an IHateFGW photo gallery.
Bloggers of the world unite! Fight apathy! Pay someone else to do things for you!


Billyo said...

You've beat me to it. I'm gonna get one myself. I'm way too far from London to bother.

I am however going to go and see Mark Thomas on tour next week.

I hate FGW said...

Great news, please send me a photo when you get it. I'm a big fan of Mark Thomas from back when he tried to get in to the houses of the toffs to see the art and furniture that they'd registered as "available to the public" to evade tax. It was absolutely brilliant. He deserves the support of those of us like me who get upset about wrong things going on in the world but are too lazy to do anything about it. Talking of which, when am I going to get a photo of your badge proudly displayed on your rucksack?!

Billyo said...

yes you can... but would it be possible to have another badge. My last one came off my bag at somepoint over the last couple of days. It either came off as I was trying to get by bag into the overhead space or it may have been removed by a FGW shareholder. I suspect the former, but would love it to be the later.

I promise to take more care of my next one - and wear it on my person instead.

I hate FGW said...

Yes, no problem, I'll send you a couple, in case anyone expresses an interest. Maybe someone was just so impressed by it that they nicked it.
Well, I can dream can't I?

Billyo said...

That's true - I hadn't considered that option.

Thanks for the replacement.

I've just sent off my McDemo's application too, hope I'm not too late for the special offer.