Monday, May 21, 2007

Calling all Bath haters, and I don't mean soap dodgers

I am happy to announce that the second batch of badges have now arrived, the last lot having been sent far and wide across the FGW network. And, I'm specially pleased that the nice people at More Train Less Strain have ordered 100, to distribute to unhappy passengers in the Bath area.
So, if you're unhappy and in the Bath area, see if you can see anyone wearing an "I Hate First Great Western" badge and they might be able to give you one of these highly fashionable accessories of your very own.
Of course, if you're not in Bath, you can always use the traditional method of e-mailing me at and giving me your address so I can send you one, or perhaps several.
It seems that FGW are having to seek far and wide to find a bus company willing to pick people up at the weekends for their replacement services. On Saturday night, the driver of the bus replacement from Tilehurst to Pangbourne had to use his sat-nav to find the way. It's 3.1 miles. Still, I shouldn't complain, it arrived and we got home, so compared to recent journeys, it was a positive triumph. The new timetable came into force today, did anyone spot the difference?


Ollie said...

Ok fair enough if punctuality is poor, but I think the issue with a bus driver's knowledge is hardly the fault of FGW. Atleast you had a bus this time.

SWT related story, trying to get Ascot to Wokingham, that bus didn't turn up, due to the driver thinking he wasn't due till next day..

So can't always blame the company.

Billyo said...


I have just found the difference in the new timetable.

There are no more cheap fares.

I have been saving a bit of money by buying some tickets each week in advance and committing myself to catching certain trains, in order to buy tickets a couple of weeks in advance and get the First Minute Fare tickets.

These tickets have gone up nearly 15%. But that doesn't really matter, because there are none available.

For my route between Bath and Cardiff they have all gone. There are none available for any of about 20 days in the next three months I have looked at.

So all those signs about booking trains early and getting the best fares are kind've pointless because they don't exist.

Can I use the Freedom of Information act to ask FGW how many of these tickets were available for each service? Will they have to answer?

I'm so angry.