Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Photo gallery # 3

My goodness, here's another one. And he really doesn't look happy does he?

Name: Jonathan
Location: Reading

The countryside
Travelling (but not on FGW)
Alternative guitar music
Fine Whisky

Noisy and disrespectful commuters
Corrupt politicians

Why he hates First Great Western:
Because you just cannot rely on them to get you there!


GBVC said...

yo badge wearers. Revolt and rise up against the train bosses!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has the FGW service got worse since the latest timetable changes? The 7:03 from Maidenhead has been a complete nightmare this week - reduced number of carriages and getting stuck behind the slow trains have made me seriously consider getting a deckchair and sitting on top of the train - at least I'll get a seat. Great blog by the way. The Train Man (