Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Way to Run a Railway

It's time for a call to arms. Forget what I said yesterday about being too lazy to protest. Another fare strike is on the cards, and this time we all get to join in. Our friends at are organising a day of action in September, called "No Way to Run a Railway Day" and they need people across the network to take part. Please go to their forum and register your name and location, so we can make this protest bigger and better than their last one, which was mainly Wiltshire-based. And, of course, I'll be trying to make sure everyone's got a badge to wear, so if you'd like some to give out either now or on the day, please contact me at and I'll get some sent out to you. Please help if you can - it's our chance to get ourselves noticed by FGW, so tell everyone you know, and try to get as many people as you can involved.


Billyo said...

It's still a pretty lazy way of protesting. as it's just going to work but not buying a ticket. Which is technically breaking the law as well.

I took part last time, and it kind've worked as despite their big words, FGW just let everyone through the barriers to avoid too much negative publicity. The other problem was a large proportion of people have season tickets and as such already bought a ticket. They may have not shown it on fare strike day, but what did FGW care - they already had the money.

I hate FGW said...

No, it's not really a financial protest, but I really think we should all do it because it's an opportunity to show how many of us are fed up. Surely if FGW see how many people with fake tickets they're having to let through the barrier, they'll be forced to respond. They'll never arrest anyone, it would be dreadful publicity for them.
Obviously I have a season ticket too, so it won't be a real fare strike for me, but I might get a big I Hate FGW placard to go along with - it's the negative publicity that will hurt them the most.