Saturday, May 26, 2007

Photo gallery # 4

Name: Gerry
Location: Slough

Fast cars
Loose women

Berkshire Property Services
Big Brother

Why he hates First Great Western:
Because they're never first, they're far from great, and I use them to go east anyway, so the name just makes no sense really.


Greatbig Veg Challenge said...

You have been tagged Helen - on the Great Big Veg Challenge....

longshanks said...

I managed to book an advertised ticket and reserve a seat on the 1:10pm train from St.Erth to Reading on 30/5/07 to be told this was a 'ghost train' that never runs and part of the reply from the Customer Service Adviser says and I quote....''I was concerned to hear that your journey was not as pleasant as it should have been as a result of a different ticket being issued than the one you asked for.
I am unable to offer any compensation, as the National Conditions of Carriage does specify that it is the customers responsibility to check that the correct tickets have been issued. It is also the customer’s
responsibility to check travel restrictions beforehand so that the service they use is relevant to the ticket they have purchased (this is written on the front of the ticket).

Absolute RUBBISH on 3 accounts
1.I was sold the advertised ticket
2.The details on the ticket were 100% correct
3.Absolutely nothing was written on the tickets apart from the usual dates times destinations etc.
I have written directly to Alison Forster (MD) to get her to kick some ass. Longshanks of St.Ives

I hate FGW said...

Good luck with your complaint. Don't be afraid of challenging their decision. That first letter is just a standard brush-off, and if you complain again, the letter has to be seen by a manager, so you have much more chance of getting somewhere. Let me know how you get on, and whether Alison Forster replies with something more useful than "sorry".