Monday, May 07, 2007

The new timetable

So, no fanfare, no big announcement. I was just looking up a train time or two yesterday when I noticed that the new May timetable is available to view on the FGW website. From a Pangbourne point of view I must say it was rather disappointing, as I can't see any extra services or changes at all - is anyone else better off?

To try to add weight to my campaign, I've decided to send the badge to all the MPs who've had their say on FGW's performance. Henley's Boris Johnson, Reading's Martin Salter and Maidenhead's Theresa May will all be lucky recipients. I imagine they'll be mostly ignored, but with Boris you never know, so fingers crossed the "I Hate First Great Western" badge could be making an appearance on a certain lapel during a transport debate soon. Let me know if you think your MP should be involved too, and a badge will wing its way to them. Meanwhile, another request for photographs of you, your clothing or your luggage proudly wearing its badge. Please send images to A tip - use the macro option on your camera if it's got one, otherwise it'll look like a vague pinkish blob in the distance, and I'll have to call it art instead of politics. I'll feature the best on the blog, so be creative.


Billyo said...

I'm sure Bath's Don Foster would love one!!

Interestingly, Boris or any other MP would not be able to wear the badge in or around Parliament with the express permission of the police, since Westminster is in the SOCPA zone.

In an attempt to combat freedom of speech (and stop Brian Haws demonstating outside parliament) the government passed laws deeming it illegal to make any sort of protest around Westminster.

This also means that anyone wearing a I hate FGW badge in the area can (and quite likely) will be arrested if permission of the police had not been sought - so you've been warned.

For more details, and more examples of the obsurdity of this law and how people are trying to reverse it read this excellent article by Mark Thomas that appeared in the New Statesman.

I hate FGW said...

How interesting!
Is it just me, or does this make you immediately want to put on several badges and congregate in the Westminster area?

Billyo said...

Yes and No.

Yes I'd like to (the DfT is inside the SOCPA zone.)

But on the other hand No, because having read other articles on this subject there is no warnings the police will arrest and charge people!!

On the other hand. Some lone official (i.e. forms handed into Met Police) protests against DfT/FGW might be fun.