Thursday, May 03, 2007

Show us your badges

I've been wearing my badge for a week now, and have had no reaction at all. I think everyone on the train is just too polite to mention it. So far, the only major delays have been due to teenagers running around on the line at Hayes, which people are unlikely to blame FGW for, so there hasn't been an opportunity yet for me to turn to my fuming neighbour and say: "You sound very angry about the bad train service, would you like a badge to wear?"
Talking of people running around on the line, am I the only person who thinks that it constitutes an obvious example of natural selection? If you slow the trains down to save the lives of these stupid people, aren't we just preserving their stupidity to be passed on to future generations? I say run 'em down. The only reason I can think of to allow them to stay alive is if hitting them might cause the train to derail, in which case I can see why the driver needs to exercise caution.
Call me callous, but frankly there are too many idiots in the world as it is, and I'm just worried for the future of the planet. How can our species hope to survive if we don't cut out the dead wood? Anyway, I've started sounding slightly right-wing of Hitler there, you'd never believe I'm quite the socialist would you? What I really wanted to ask was whether anyone had had a badge noticed yet, and if so, what kind of reaction they're getting. I'm going to try harder to get mine seen, which will mean manoeuvering my bag into the eyeline of as many people as possible. This will mean I have to become quite annoying. No change there then. Ha ha.


Richard said...

Not sure if anyone has noticed my badge yet or not. I think its noticeable though. My work bag is completely black with no detail, so the purpley-blue badge is quite prominent.
I may have attached it too high on the bag strap as the badge sits on my shoulder like Long John Silver's parrot.

Handed my second badge over to my work colleague - although I'm not sure he has the balls to wear it in public. Me? - Mine has a permanant place on my bag - it ain't shifting for love nor money.

Billyo said...

Mine is permanently on the back of my rucsac, this of course means two things;

1. People who see it are behind me so I can't see their reaction

2. They can only see it on the platforms as when I get on the train the bag is under my seat (if I get one) or on the luggage rack.

I think I may move it onto my person on the next big delay.