Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh please can I keep it, please please please?

Well now then. There have been some fun and games as I tried to convert my season ticket from a Pangbourne one to a Windsor one, the upshot being that I currently have more than £2000 on one of my bank cards which First Great Western have accidentally credited to me.
And now they want it back, which is a terrible shame.
The real refund, once a manager from Slough was despatched to sort out the problem, was only a few hundred pounds, which was very disappointing.
How tempting it would be to go on a spending spree at FGW's expense, and consider it a payback for all the hours I've spent delayed on trains over the last couple of years.
Sadly, they know where I live, and I'm not really the hardened criminal type.
But god, it's tempting.

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