Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Merry Christmas, from First Great Western

Lee at the First Great Western Coffee Shop, where you can drop in and natter to your heart's content about the latest news on cancellations and delays, has pointed out to me that while FGW haven't yet officially released their December 2007 - May 2008 timetable, the draft is already available on the website, in fact, it's here. So, what do you think?
The news from Slough is that there are more fast services to and from Paddington, so yay, but the new morning ones all at around 6am, so boo, as fingers crossed, none of my shifts start that early at the moment.
The other good news is that the High Speed Trains with 515 seats per train will replace Adelantes with 282 seats per train from Dec 9th onwards, oh joy.
So, have a look and see what you think, will it be a Happy Christmas from FGW?


Anonymous said...

Well they've removed my fast morning train from Maidenhead to Paddington, even though I asked them not to..

Lee Fletcher said...

Many thanks for the plug. Yes , you can natter with us at First Great Western Coffee Shop about cancellations , delays , and many other FGW - related issues , including the I Hate First Great Western blog , which we are proud to have a whole section devoted to (link below.)