Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Calling all cattle: do you use Twyford?

An appeal, from some TV programme-makers, who want to investigate the cattle-truck-like conditions faced by commuters:
Do you use Twyford station during the morning rush hour, either as a resident, changing from Henley, or on the long haul from Oxford to Paddington, or any of the stations in-between?
If so, they, and I, want to hear from you.
If you'd like to be involved in making a point about the crushed conditions faced by the daily London commuter, please get in touch with either me (ihatefgw@yahoo.co.uk) or the programme's producer (rakhee.hindocha@northonetv.com) who can provide you with more details of what will be involved, when you get in touch.
Please join in, it's a really good opportunity to make your grievances heard, and you'll get to be on TV as well, as an added bonus.


Lord Hutton said...

I KNEW there had to be a blog about FGW! Did you see how many trains were cancelled tonight through staff shortage? Good grief.
I specialise in Cancellations in Devon, personally;-)

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, or maybe not.

I, unfortunately, commute from Langley into Paddington. Lately I've noticed a pair of private security contractors in bright yellow vests hanging around on platform 4, and I finally figured out their purpose.

To stop people breaking the smoking ban? No, they just stand there and watch.

To stop the college kids running across the train tracks instead of the 30 seconds it takes to cross the over using the bridge? No, they just stand and watch that too.

No, their actual purpose is to jam the train doors shut on the packed trains. As I'm sure most are probably aware, the trains are so jam packed that the doors often don't close properly without some "help". So that is worst-great-western's answer to the overcrowding problem - hire a pair of goons, who no doubt work for a friend of a friend of one of the FGWs directors.

I have seen similarly attired personnel on other platforms further towards london - west drayton, hayes, southall.

Philip Wigg said...

I travel from Pangbourne to Paddington every day. Words cannot describe how much I hate First Great Western at the moment. I waste so much of my life waiting for delayed FGW trains.