Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Five food facts

Hello all. A slight diversion from the subject of trains today. This is because this morning's train was delightfully on time, so I have no complaint to make, and because a fellow blogger has 'tagged' me. Charlotte from the GreatBigVegChallenge has asked me to reveal five food facts, and as food is one of my favourite subjects, I thought why not? So here goes:

1 - I am a vegetarian, and have been for 20 years. And no, I don't miss bacon, though I do miss ham and pork crackling. My favourite vegetarian food is probably falafel in a salad wrap with garlic mayonnaise. It's better than a kebab after a big night out.

2 - I'm not much of a cook, but I like making sushi. Not the raw fish kind, obviously, but there are lots of vegetarian things you can use, and it's much cheaper to buy the seaweed sheets and wrap them yourself, with a bit of wasabi strong enough to make your whole head feel like it's going to sneeze.

3 - When times are hard, and there's nothing in the fridge, I have been known to eat pasta with tomato ketchup. This is a habit from university, and it's much nicer than it sounds, especially if you add peas and sweetcorn. My favourite pasta shape is conchiglie (shells).

4 - I once worked at a sandwich and ice-cream bar in New Zealand. This was not a good time for my waistline, as New Zealand has some wonderful full-fat ice cream with flavours like Hokey Pokey, Pinky Winky and Boysenberry Swirl, which were all perks of the job.

5 - Another dirty food secret: when the diet gets boring, or the hangover demands it, there's nothing like a cheese and chip sandwich on white bread with salad cream. Carbohydrates ahoy!

I suppose if we are trying to link all this back to First Great Western, we should talk about railway food. Famously awful in the British Rail days, it's now infamously expensive. I never eat on the trains, as I don't have that kind of money, but I'd like to know what you think. There, it wasn't a completely irrelevent post after all. Smashing.


Billyo said...

I try not to buy anything at the station or on the train as it's so expensive. I'll occasionally stretch to a cup of tea and a choclate bar if I've not had time for breakfast.

I don't think FGW stand out alone on this though, all the ToC's they are all terrible and overpriced. Though you used to get free tea and biscuits on Midland Mainline, though this is gone now.

I was once on a long distance Virgin train and was starving so got a bacon roll from the shop. It was rank. Two bits of bacon in a soggy roll. It always reminds me of scene in the service station in Alan Partridge:

Geordie Michael: "I bet you never knew you could make toast in a microwave"

Partridge: "That's not toast Michael, it's hot floppy bread"

Daniel (memorex) said...

Would you like to know a railway secret from BR Days? :)

Next time you get a ham sandwhich, have a look inside. You'll see its cut into triangles, and if you look at it you will bee two slices. Open it and you find.... one and a half.

Get your square pieces of bread and lay a slice of ham on it. Get another slice of ham and cut it into two. Put each half slice diagonally on a sandwhich, (obviously seperate ones). Cut down the diagonal which you have layed the half slice on.

You will now have 1 and a half slices which look like two!

Feel blessed with this information...

I hate FGW said...

I feel like I need a diagram here, as I'm finding it hard to visualise what you're saying, but it sounds like a cunning ham-saving stunt. One of my work colleagues used to work for a catering company making in-flight meals for airlines. She talks about the strict rationing too, but I bet she also has some horror stories from behind the scenes. I must remember to ask her. How did you find out this railway secret, were you the one making the sandwiches?