Monday, February 05, 2007

The uneaten hat

So, three things to report: Firstly, predictably enough, the delays continue, and I will not be forced to eat my hat after all. I was late for work on Friday, and, since I always leave an extra half an hour to take account of delays, this is particularly galling.
Secondly, my friend had an important meeting this morning. So, despite spending more than three thousand pounds on her train ticket, she got into her car for part of the journey. In other words, the uselessness of FGW is forcing us to spend more money and damage the environment to boot, because IT CAN NOT BE TRUSTED to get us to work on time.
Thirdly, my friends and I went to the theatre in Oxford last night. The comedian we had gone to see was particularly funny, so I was confused as to why dozens of people started to leave just after half past ten. Then I realised - they were catching the last train! Luckily, we had driven, so were able to see the whole show. I agree with those who say that FGW is "not fit for purpose" because it simply cannot do the job it is designed for, which is to get people where they need to go in a reasonable time. So, I'd like to appeal to anyone in the Pangbourne area to sign the petition which demands a return to the pre-December timetable. Go to Also, please continue to comment to the managing director of FGW about your personal experiences. She can be reached at
Don't keep quiet and put up with it, or they might take our silence for acceptance.

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