Friday, February 09, 2007

Our MP joins the campaign

Reading West MP Martin Salter visited Pangbourne Station on Thursday morning to accept a petition from local campaigner Fiona Hope, who is lobbying for a return to the pre-December 2006 timetable. Well done to her for standing in the snow gathering signatures, and good luck to Martin Salter, who is writing to the FGW managing director Aliston Forster to push for more semi-fast trains to London. In the meantime, the badge poll continues, and I'm delighted to say that many of you are happy to join me in the hating zone. Does it help to know that First Group makes so much money, it's just bought Greyhound buses in America for, wait for it.... 1.9 billion pounds? And yet they're too tight to put an extra carriage on a few peak time trains? Go on, hate with me, it's really very cathartic.


Anonymous said...

I have created a web site to make it easy for passengers to place a complaint. I will
forward the complaints to the appropriate rail company.

I hate FGW said...

I have added your site to my links, and will certainly be using it next time I'm delayed, which I imagine will be quite soon. Well done for joining the fight against FGW.