Thursday, February 01, 2007

The love train

So, how was it for you this week? I have a confession. The service from FGW in the last few days has been virtually faultless. I am shocked and delighted in equal measures, and long may it last. Is everyone experiencing a similar level of happy travel, or am I existing in some kind of parallel universe, in which trains come on time and seats are always available? I'm so pleased that if this level of service continues for a month, I will cancel my blog. I'm pretty confident that I won't have to do this, in an "eat my hat" kind of way, and it would be a lot of hard work down the drain, but if I was getting to work and back in a reasonable time, I wouldn't care! It's nice that in the month of St Valentine, I have reason to post such happy thoughts. Please feel free to burst my bubble and call me a deluded fool if your experience is different, but for now, I heart First Great Western!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from the Train Man, don't eat your hat just yet whatever you do! The service from Maidenhead to Paddington remains as bad as ever. I've added your blog to my site - thanks for adding mine to yours!

I have been writing to my MP (Theresa May), FGW, the local paper + council to keep to pressure on these FGW incompetents - I think they are hoping we will give up eventually, which we can't.

Having a blog is one way to let off steam after the latest nightmare journey, and its fab to see so many others now using the internet to such great effect. But, I agree we need to do more. I have been considering an e-petition? I also think we need to be more visible - stickers on trains etc - the badge you have designed it great - why not get a few thousand made so we can hand them out? I'm sure fellow cattle truck travellers will be willing to chip in.