Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Choose your weapon

I've had several suggestions for slogans on the protest badges. My favourite is still "I hate First Great Western", as you might expect, but I understand that not everyone wants to be hateful, and might just want to be very miffed indeed, or wear something more constructive. So, how do you feel about "FGW made me late today"? I can't see that offending anyone, and it has a more useful message. I see from my newspaper that the company has begun to apologise and investigate possible timetable changes, so well done to all of those who have been doing useful things like getting people to sign petitions, and involving their local MP, while I've just been farting around with badge designs. But I feel the battle is still far from over, so choose your weapon in the form of words, and I will print the favoured option onto a badge and then, one day soon, may even hand it to you during an extended delay.


Anonymous said...

How about "First Great Western doesn't give a F..." (with the "F" being the first logo)?

Richard said...

In hindsight - I think you're right - I would feel furious when I'm crammed in, smelling other people's armpits and then the train stops and doesn't move for 30 mins. "I hate FGW" gets my vote.