Thursday, April 05, 2007

And now, welcome to the stage.... I hate FGW!

Hello again. It's probably about time I gave a plug to the company which has kindly made the badges. They're called Badges for Bands, see link on the right, and despite what the name may suggest, they don't just make badges for bands but also for angry commuters like me.
But the fact that they do mostly make badges for bands made me think; maybe someone who knows a band looking for a name could persuade them to call themselves "I hate First Great Western" - how great would that be? I think they should probably be some sort of metal band, to fit in with the idea of hating, and they should also probably be loud and unpleasant. So, if anyone knows of any struggling young musicians searching for a name, let me know. For a start there would be badges all over the place advertising their band, and I would happily handle their PR for them, as they would, in effect, be the faces of the I Hate First Great Western campaign. Let's rock!


Billyo said...

As a commuter into London using FGW, you might be interesting in a letter I recieved today regarding compensation payments, which apparently should be for delays over 30 mins. Does this happen? Or is it yet more lies from FGW?

I hate FGW said...

I get really irate as a season ticket holder, because we don't even get refunds, except at the end of the year, and only then if their punctuality has been spectacularly bad. I think if the train is overcrowded, season ticket holders should be allowed to sit in first class - otherwise, what in the hell is the benefit of buying it? I can't get refunds, I can't get to work on time, it costs me a small fortune, where are the perks here?