Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on track

Greetings friends. I've returned from a week up a mountain covered in lovely snow to find that we still haven't had a proper attack of winter at home, and now I'm wondering if we are actually going to see any of the white stuff this year.
Since it was a skiing holiday, we were up at 7am every morning, so I've now come back to work for a rest. As a result, the alarm clock did not, er, alarm me this morning, and I barely noticed the commute, except that the fast train was delayed, so I caught it, which was good. Also, I'm enjoying my current book so much that getting on and off at the necessary stations was feeling like a real inconvenience. If it's still good at the end, I'll add it to the book list on the blog.
My season ticket runs out tomorrow, and I can't help but wonder if it might make more sense to buy a ticket from South West trains instead, as the Windsor - Waterloo service seems to be much more reliable, and only involves one train instead of two, though it takes a bit longer. It's a bit late now to make a decision, and I suspect I will stick with FGW, who are quicker when things are working properly. I look forward to seeing if the "double discount" announced by Andrew Haines a short while ago has a noticeable effect on the price of my ticket. It will still make me quite grumpy to hand over such a large amount of money, but it's so much cheaper than buying weekly and monthly tickets, and so much less hassle.
Mind you, it doesn't bode well for my work-from-home campaign that I'm planning to buy a year's ticket. Hum.


Anonymous said...

Have a look and scroll down the the First Great Western Section. As you can see season tickets from Windsor and Eton Central have dual availability with Windsor and Eton Riverside.

In plain English this means that you can travel to either Paddington or Waterloo on the same season ticket.

You need to ask the ticket office to print it on the season ticket for you. But it leaves you free to choose which way to go!

Thought you might like to know.

A Train Manager

I hate FGW said...

Thanks for this, I have taken your advice, and look forward to having a choice in my commuting journey, very helpful.