Thursday, July 05, 2007

Straight from the horse's mouth

I am delighted to welcome members of FGW staff (and indeed those from other train companies) to the blog, who've recently become involved in the debate about how customers are treated, and why delays happen, and have put forward their points of view. It helps us no end to know that we can finally get a straight answer to a straight question, something that is sadly unforthcoming from the company's management.
So, please visit a new blog that could be very useful, giving out the kind of information that can help us understand the challenges involved in getting the bloody trains to run on time, something we all want, staff and customers alike.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to distance myself very clearly from the kind of people who abuse the staff, the idiots who ruin it for the rest of us by proving that we can't be trusted to behave like civilised human beings, I hate people like that even more than I hate FGW. Maybe there should be some kind of "sin carriage" which gets towed behind the back of the train, with no seat and no roof, for those kind of people. That'd learn 'em.


Anonymous said...

"The idiot who, in railway carriages,
Scribbles on window-panes,
We only suffer
To ride on a buffer
On Parliamentary trains."

The Mikado

Anonymous said...


I assume you were talking about me, with: (and indeed those from other train companies).... well, i've been here longer than most of you think ;)...

I know your not one of these abusive passengers... in fact i've had some of your badges before and handed them out!

I'd welcome you aboard one of my trains any time.

Keep blogging, and i'll see you in the comments section!

Dan G said...

Interesting site but I would have used Blogspot (like this site), so readers can subscribe and commenting is easy.

Ollie said...

Dan G,

I intend to change a lot of things on the site, to make it easier, but for now it will be a case of signing up to the site to reply.
Time permitting it will be a nicer site.