Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

Now, this blog is going very well and everything, but it's missing something quite vital - the badge itself. I realise you're probably wondering what's happened to it, and whether I've given up the idea altogether. The answer is, it's coming soon, please be patient. The designer of the original badge, seen in earlier posts, has become rather busy with "work" or some other rubbish excuse, and is not responding to my repeated calls for a design that doesn't breach FGW's copyright. Still, if you're on this blog, you're used to delays and bad excuses, so, while you're waiting, I have searched the internet for some amusing quotes. Please hold - your visit to this page is important to us, and the badge will be with you shortly....

"First Great Western - couldn't organise a railway if someone was stupid enough to give them a franchise to do so."

"The only accurate bit in First Great Western is Western."

"It is quite obvious that First Great Western is just not fit for purpose and should not even be responsible for a train set let alone a whole network."

"Since introducing the new timetable in December 2006, First Great Western has set 'new standards for customer service' and created a new, very low benchmark by which all rail travel can be judged."

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GEZKC said...

Great quotes!

Looking forward to seeing the badge!!