Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does size matter?

Hello again, apologies for another short absence, during which I took a nice break from the trains, and went up a ski slope. And down again, obviously. Having returned, I am delighted to report that the badge design is ready, and will shortly be revealed. However, I now have another tricky decision. Because the badge has words on it, I wanted to make it as big as possible, as having someone peering at your chest from close range can offend. Men, that's a general rule for life really, so make a note, but in this particular situation I would prefer that my badge-wearing campaign didn't result in a spate of sexual harrassment cases, as people struggle to read the wise words printed there. But, on the other hand, if I make it too big, it's been pointed out to me that people might feel embarrassed about wearing it. So, what size is the right size for a protest badge? I'm tempted to go for the 38mm option, as that would seem to be a nice compromise between the eye-bleedingly tiny 25mm version, and the eye-poppingly large 72mm option. Let me know if you have any views. I won't be very sympathetic to anyone rejecting the badge in the future, on the basis that it is either too large or too small. To be honest, I won't be very sympathetic to anyone rejecting the badge at all, but that's my problem, and I'm working on it.


Richard said...

I wouldn't have thought that the 25mm badge was THAT small that you couldn't read it.
I like the itty bitty 25mm - but I suspect everyone else would go for the 35mm.

Who says you have to badge it to your chest and suffer people leering at the area? - you could always badge it to your bag, or scarf, or headwear?

The 35mm badge isn't that big though - so I think this is the best compromise between those wanting the itty bitty, and those wanting the frisbee-sized ones.

I hate FGW said...

Good point, maybe we should pin them to our arms or something, it would certainly attract attention that way. I'm swaying slightly towards ordering the smaller size, having conducted a small poll amongst my friends and colleagues. Final decision next week.

Greatbigvegchallenge said...

Hello Helen
GreatBigVegChallenge here - just had the Telegraph round on a Sunday for a glam vegetable shoot!!!
Freddie had a haircut - I wore a new shirt.
Thought you might like to know...

Billyo said...

I'd go with the 25mm too. Mine will go on my rucsac, so that i have it every day, no matter what coat I'm wearing.