Thursday, April 10, 2008

Train pushers, and the new timetable

Here's a suggestion for how First Great Western staff can help get round the overcrowding problem. Watch this video.
I'm not sure how long this has been around, but I think it's excellent.
Basically, we know the trains are going to be packed at busy times, and to a certain extent, we accept that. Let's just push as many people as we can onto each one. I'm sure the casualties will be minimal.
In other news, the May 2008 timetable is out. Find it here. How is it for you?
In the interest of fairness, as I am an exceptionally fair person, I took First Great Western yesterday, as I needed to get to West Drayton, and SWT don't go there.
The train was on time, pretty clean, and not overcrowded, a textbook journey.
If you're wondering why the picture is of sweets, freefoto doesn't have any photos of sardines, and I thought this one looked jolly instead.


Lord Hutton said...

Without having checked the timetable yet, it has taken me years to get them to mention Paignton as a mainline destination on their web page

Lord Hutton said...

I look forward to getting on that train with a rucksack and a child in a pushchair. jeez

Dan said...

I have to take a 2 car dmu everyday to my school with FGW, that vid reminds me of my train journey lol, seriously FGW should get a few more trains that have carpets and air conditioning like the 166. I have to take the old 165.

betty said...

i am sooooooooooooo pleased to see this blog !!! i hate great western as well and thinking to do something about it. too much high prices and very very low quality. staff is not frienly either !
we should create a group on facebook soon.