Monday, January 29, 2007

And I would walk 500 miles....

I've decided to turn over a new leaf, athletically speaking. Well, athletic might be pushing it a bit, but bear with me. I'm often to be heard complaining that I can't join a gym, attend yoga classes etc, because I already spend four hours of my day travelling, and don't get home in time to attend any kind of organised exercise activity. But, wait! Father Christmas was kind enough to bring me a talking pedometer. It's only taken me a month to read the instructions and programme it, and now I have finally worked out how to stop it talking, which is a blessing. Anyway, it is time to put the mini-guilt-inducing-counting-machine into action, and what better way to use all that spare platform time than walking. I had already decided not to use this blog to bore you with a minute-by-minute catalogue of delays, but how about an occasional update on my improving fitness level and weight loss, as a result of regular platform-plodding? So, if you're wondering what that loony is doing marching up and down, up and down, well, that's me, and I bet I'm fitter than you are by June. Come, put down your newspapers and join me, we'll keep warm, get fit, and confuse the hell out of the FGW staff. It's a win-win situation.

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