Friday, July 18, 2008

Apparently, I don't Hate FGW enough

When I started this blog, I was angry. Livid. To mention the words "First Great Western" to me were unwise, as they would spark a lengthy rant, full of expletives. I was highly pissed off.
I feel I should mention this at this juncture, because I have recently come under attack from someone who feels I am not angry enough, and am some kind of champagne-sipping toff who gets narky if commoners try to invade my space in the first class carriage.
It's true that I'm not as angry as I was, but to be honest, I don't think anyone could have that much energy, as being angry is pretty hard going, even for a few days, let alone for 18 months, and makes you liable to lose friends and alienate people. What I did instead was start a blog, in order that I could share my ranting with others with a similar hatred of FGW. And then, I moved house, in order to be nearer to my work. And then, I discovered the alternative service of South West Trains. And, all of these things have made me calmer, because I am opting out of the thing that makes me angry. I think this is called anger management. And, I suggest to Samuel Roberts, rather than simply being angry for its own sake, it's better to try and find out why something is making you angry, and to do something about it. It helps me to be sane, whereas you sound like someone I'd be very frightened to share a train carriage with.
But, I now have the honour of someone blogging about hating this blog, the imaginatively titled "I Hate I Hate First Great Western". Please visit it here:
In other news, my car has sold in a rather alarming three days, leaving me to mourn its absence, as I really am rather fond of driving. However, the bundle of cash I now have in its place enables me not only to pay the troublesome unexpected tax bill I mentioned in a previous post, but also to invest in a shiny new bicycle. I haven't been this excited since I was a child, and got a bright red shiny racer for Christmas. How I loved that bike. I hope I am able to be as fond of this one, as it will help me to get over the loss of my four-wheeled friend.


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Anonymous said...

Had trains tickets ordered in advance for December 14th, because I was going to see Ennio Morricone in Birmingham, but I heard today that the concert has been canceled (I was refunded... like I should be) Still... GFW could care less about that and won't refund me the money that I paid in advance, even though I haven't even picked up said tickets from my local train station yet. I used to get my tickets with the, but I discovered that Great First Western were often cheaper... I guess "cheaper" comes with price. At least, offer cancelation protection.

I only use the C word when the situation really calls for it and Great First Western really are a load of James Blunts!

Joshua Rosling said...

They are still utter monkey jizz. The staff are rude, it took me 12 months to get a refund for my holiday due to missing my flight due to them being late then cancelling the train all together. Never got the money back for the taxi and two days of holiday missed at a beach resort with my girlfriend at the time.
thanks a lot FIRST GWR.

Publicise the railways again, stop keeping them privatised its turning us all into inefficient lazy twonks.

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